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VIP Tour (Morning)


Originally created and led by TBZTEC’s Founder, Sharon Matola, the Belize Zoo VIP Tour provides guests with an exclusive and unforgettable journey around The Belize Zoo. The VIP tour is led by a senior staff member who is an expert in natural history, animal care, wildlife biology, and conservation.

This specialized tour provides you with unique wildlife interactions, “behind the scenes” animal encounters, and rich discussions about the history, mission, and conservation work of The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center.

Come and meet some of the most charismatic residents of The Belize Zoo, and learn about their stories, and their species’ role in Belize’s culture, ecology, and economy from the people who know them best.

Visit more than 20 species of Belizean wildlife, including jaguars, tapirs, harpy eagles, scarlet macaws, and crocodiles.

Please remember to book with the front desk.