Neo The Neotropical River Otter

Photo of Neo The Neotropical River Otter

Neo The Neotropical River Otter


The Neotropical River Otter (Lontra longicaudis) is a medium-sized aquatic mammal with a sleek, dark brown coat. Native to Belize, these otters are well-adapted to freshwater environments, including rivers, lakes, and wetlands.

Interesting Facts

  • Scientific Name: Lontra longicaudis
  • Habitat: Inhabits various freshwater habitats in Belize, showcasing adaptability to both flowing and still waters.
  • Diet: Carnivorous, feeding on fish, crustaceans, and small mammals; adept swimmers and skilled hunters.
  • Behavior: Social and diurnal; often seen in family groups; conservation efforts aim to protect their aquatic habitats in Belize.

Fun Facts

  • They are skilled swimmers and can stay underwater for over five minutes. They do this by lowering their heart rate to use less oxygen.
  • They use rocks as “tools” to break open carpaces and shells of their prey.
  • Otters are playful creatures, they love to play with rocks!

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