Photo of Coatimundis



Coatimundis, or White-Nosed Coatis (Nasua narica), are medium-sized mammals with a long, ringed tail and a distinctive white nose. They are commonly found in the forests and jungles of Belize.

Interesting Facts

  • Scientific Name: Nasua narica
  • Habitat: Inhabit the forests and jungles of Belize, displaying adaptability to various ecosystems.
  • Diet: Omnivores, feeding on fruits, insects, and small vertebrates; important for seed dispersal.
  • Behavior: Recognized for their social behavior, often seen in groups; agile climbers and foragers contributing to Belize’s ecosystem dynamics.

The Belize Zoo Trivia

  • Many of the coatis in the Zoo are former pets that were confiscated or simply surrendered by frustrated families who tried to “tame” them. Coatis are always wild, and never make good pets!
  • They love to climb in their “jungle gym,” using ropes and tree trunks to move up and down their habitat
  • Coatis love new and interesting smells, so our staff provide enrichment in the form of objects sprayed with “coati-friendly” scents and perfumes

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