Adopt An Animal

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Adopt An Animal

Our “Adopt an Animal” program allows supporters to contribute directly to the care and welfare of a species of their choice at The Belize Zoo.

Your support aids us in providing food, habitat maintenance, veterinary care, and enrichment for our furry, feathered, and scaly friends.

Animal adopters will be added to our digital mailing list, and will receive a care package in the mail that includes:

  • An official adoption certificate
  • A photo of your adopted animal
  • A cool fact sheet with fascinating information about their natural history, diet, special traits, and conservation status.
  • A unique Belize Zoo sticker

*If there is a specific animal you want to support (e.g. Tambo the Tapir), or if you’re adopting an animal on behalf of someone else, simply put this information in the “Other Notes” field when checking out and we will gladly accommodate your request.

Prices are in Belize Dollars (1 US Dollar = 2 BZ Dollars) All credit cards are processed by Evertec Placetopay via Atlantic Bank Ecommerce.

For prices and more please visit: How to Adopt animal